This How-To is best used when you've got a basic floor plan in mind.

Say, for example:



Step 1:

To start off, select the terrain tool, and level the lot. This way it hopefully prevents uneven terrain spots as you're building.





Step 2:

Use the free wood flooring or any other flooring to flesh out the floor plan the way you want it.

Tip: Use a different colored flooring as spacers for the different rooms you want in your floor plan and for where you want to put the stairs.


Tip: Use walls if desired, to get a better idea of where you might want the staircase to go.

** If walls are used, they may need to be deleted before stairs can be placed.


Tip: To remove the roofs the rooms make select the roof icon and turn off Autoroof. Then use the Remove All Roofs button.



Step 3:

Using the basement tool, Make the stairwell to basement a little longer and wider than where you want the stairs to be, to start. In this case, 4 squares to the front and 2 squares to each side. In total I made a 6x9 basement to place the stairs in.






Pictured here - Draw out 9x2 long squares for basement stairs.


Draw out additional 9x2 squares on each side of the stair well.




You should have a 9x6 space outlined in Blue, like this:


Doing this makes sure you have enough routing space on all sides of the stairs when they get placed.


Tip: Use the Go Down a Floor button to go get to the basement to check your work.


Use Go Up a Floor to go up to ground floor.


Tip: Leave a little extra room for the stair landing - from the foundation to landing, then landing to basement. (6-9 squares in-total for stairs and landing, plus room around stairs.)

[Stairs = 7x2 to help with landing.]



Step 4:

Remove all the walls if used before placing stairs, but leave the free flooring as a floor plan guide. The reason being is that stairs won't place with walls being in-place.


Step 5:

The easiest way to place stairs is to go to basement level.


I set Auto-Railings off, so I can place my own later, and Stair Width to 2. (Use the Arrow keys to rotate stairs.)


Pick the stair style you want, then place them. In this case, I placed them 2 squares away from the walls in back and front. This allows plenty of room = no routing issues.


I usually check to make sure I've placed the stairs correctly, by going up to ground level and check placement.



Step 6:

Now to place the foundation. Be careful not to cover your staircase or landing.




To place the foundation, select the foundation and hold the left mouse button down, while dragging it. To delete mistakes, press the left mouse button and Ctrl together while dragging it.


You can place foundation over the place where you want stairs to go upstairs. But don't cover up the landing or staircase for the basement!




Tip: To make edits to the foundation, use the hand tool and hold the mouse pointer over the foundation you want to move, and push/pull the arrow to edit the foundation. You can do the same with the walls.



Step 7:

Draw out the walls, place the stairs in the landing and to the 2nd floor, make room and  foundation adjustments as desired/needed. 


Use the left-mouse click and right/left arrows on keyboard to rotate the stairs.



Use Left-mouse-click and drag to move the foundation and walls.

Hold the Left-mouse button down, while using the hand tool to drag the foundation in or out. You can do this with walls as well.


Step 8:

Build the rest of the basement by going to ground level and selecting the basement tool to draw out the rest of the basement. Think of it as coloring the inside of the foundation Blue.


Use the floor down button to get to ground level. I usually use free flooring to cover the ground under the foundation.



Step 9:

Then back down to basement level to add walls if desired or leave it open for later additions.



To make edits to the outer basement walls or to delete parts of the basement, go to ground level using the basement tool - hold the left-mouse-button and Ctrl key down and drag to delete outside walls.

-- Once you're finished with the basement, you can finish the rest of the house.

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Dek Thank you very much for this Mrs Flynn. I love the fact that you break up the harvestables by their plant type as well as by expansion pack. Oh, and alphabetically as well! Thank you so very much!
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MrsFlynn You're welcome!! I did that so I could keep 'em straight. *Snicker*
Jaga Loving the presentation on the Harvestable Plants guide MrsFlynn! We might have to do more guides with that same layout!
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MrsFlynn Thank you!! Yes we definitely need to do more guides with this layout. :)