Useful Websites


  Carl's Sims 3 Guide - Lots of great guides on The Sims 3

  Carl & Pam's Sims 3 Forums - C&P's Sims 3 Forums covering all kinds of TS3 discussions - A collection of many great mods, designed to fix and help optimize your gameplay.

  Sims 3 Mod-The-Sims - The authoritative go-to website for downloading Sims 3 mods & content

  Sims 3 on - Sims 3 subreddit for player posting & discussion

  Crinrict's Sims 3 Help Blog - A collection of great help guides for TS3

  MissyHissy's Job Centre - Some GREAT profession plugins for NRaas Careers.

  Save Cleaner V2.2 by Kuree - Keep your save games bloat free with this utility


Useful Articles


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  Nraas Member's Retuner Settings on

  Sarah's Sims Nraas Retuner Settings on Sarah's Sims Tumblr

  Nraas Tips for Sims Behaviour in General on

  Lag & Intermittent Freezes - Crinrict's Sims 3 Help Blog

  Get TS3 to recognize a new graphics card - Flynn Arrowstarr

  Creating a New Sims 3 Folder (What & Howto) - MrsFlynn

  How To: Download Sims 3 Store Content - MrsFlynn

  How-to: Backup and Restore Store Content - MrsFlynn

  Creating a Mods Folder/Installing Mods Step by Step - jeanamariex3

  Install Sims 3 Custom Content without the Launcher - MrsFlynn

  Tips for keeping your mods organized and avoiding conflicts - NonaMena