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Member Gallery Comments

MrsFlynn Fun Fact ~ When viewing the images here on the Member Galleries page, mouse over some of the photos and the little "i" (for more information) to see a caption or description of the photos.
Jaga Some really nice fall colors in that SV2020 Autumn album MrsGoodWrench, like it!
 -  1
MrsGoodWrench Thank you :D
 -  2
MrsGoodWrench If Yasmine ate a butterfly gives a whole new meaning to butterflies in the stomach. She is sooo photogenic and her expressions are great.
 -  2
Jaga lol, I never thought about it that way - I just tease her about the butterflies because she likes em and is a vamp.
 -  2
MrsGoodWrench MrsFlynn your vampire sim is so pretty love the one of her enjoying the rain1
 -  2
MrsFlynn Thank you!! Yasmine does love the rain, but that's because the sun is gone. *Snicker*
 -  2
deedee_828 She is pretty! Probably the prettiest vamp I've ever seen. I love her violet glowy eyes!
 -  1