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We're working on 2.0 which has some town improvements (lights, new properties), the 1.1 version of the Royal Paradise Hotel, and some fixes for bugs we've found.

MrsFlynn noticed some bugged & invisible Junkyard spawners on one of the apartment lots today (at 2450 Pinochle Point). The lot was originally created as a Junkyard in Sunset Valley, and re-zoned for residential. Spawners sometimes bug out when you attempt to bulldoze a lot - these are bugged and don't show visibly when editing the lot.

Added a download link tonight for v1.1 of the Royal Paradise Hotel (a resort lot in SV2020). It is just under the regular SV2020 download links in the main forum topic.

Sunset Valley 2.0 release banner

Heavily inspired by Naga’s SV 7.0, MrsFlynn and I are happy to bring you a new pair of worlds for The Sims 3! We’ve made sure to include all the wonderful features from that full world (which is no longer available) in both versions of Sunset Valley 2020.


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