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Just returned from an unexpected bit of personal time away from the site and the worlds, but looking forward to getting back to the game! Apologies if I missed any requests for help in the interim, hopefully MrsFlynn was able to cover during that time.

There are a few site niggles (for lack of a better word) with being able to comment on personal walls out here which I intend to get fixed. If you notice anything else please let me know!

There is a also fix in the near future for the stage in Central Park that involves adding some audience markers, probably to be released as v2.1. In the meantime there's an article in the Dev Blog news section that covers how to get around it, it is a fairly simple edit.

Future plans for the v3.0 Vanilla / Chocolate worlds:

  • A new high-rise apartment building with a home adequate for a decent number of sims.  The plan is to keep the height of the building low enough that it "fits" within Sunset Valley, but include a good interior (and ground floor utility) layout so there's plenty of room.
  • Further overall optimizations.  Things like elevators (and high-rise apartments) have workarounds to make sure they are much less buggy
  • Additional town embellishments like lights, bushes, and possibly more subway stops.
  • Lot improvements for many of the homes in town that help "flesh out" those plain vanilla EA homes a bit.  Different/better furniture, interior layouts, wall/floor coverings that match better, and so on.
  • Direct support for some of the great careers in MissyHissy's Job Board!  Ensuring all necessary lots, props, and so on are included in the world.
  • Any suggestions for other changes or additions to the worlds is welcome - either PM me here, or on C&P's TS3 forum, or use our Contact Us form.

I'm also going to start my own playthrough with one of the two worlds so that I can integrate improvements as I go.  Prior to now, all time spent on the worlds was 100% development, optimization, and functional testing.  I'll be able to make adjustments based on real world game time, and further improve everything as I go.

If you are interested in being a world tester for Alpha/Beta builds of the new worlds, get in touch with the Contact Us form!


It was mentioned that a few lots have a double map icon/name tag when looking at the map in Map View. This is how the game normally works when the object or building is on a lot of it's own. For example the Vault/Hall of Antiquity lot, and single subway lots. There is no issue with how the game works or behaves, it is just how it was designed.

You can test this by going into any town and place an empty lot. Change lot type to Community > No Visitors Allowed and place the subway station object or Vault of Antiquity building and then look at it via Map View. You'll see two icons 1 subway and 1 bench. Both with the same name.

Single subway lots can be renamed via Edit Town mode if you choose to do so. Left-click on the bench icon and Edit Details button, which is the pen/paper icon. After you've renamed the subway, you can mouse over either the subway icon or bench icon to see it's new name.

Some players are having issues with SV2020 saves are crashing their games. We've mentioned EllaCharmed's .world file is needed for them to work properly, because SV2020 was built on Ella's fixed world file and works best with it installed.

To address the crashing: make sureyou have Ella's fixed Sunset Valley.World file downloaded and installed in the correct place. Deleting the games cache files after doing this is another good step to avoid issues. You can download EllaCharmed’s Fixed World file here

Unzip the file (Right-click file and select Extract All):


-- Before installing the fixed file, rename your original Sunset file to "Sunset". That way you still have access to the original file.

** Install path may be different than the path shown in image.


Copy and paste the Sunset file into where you installed the Sims 3 game. Usually located in:
β†ͺ Install drive: \Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\GameData\Shared\NonPackaged\Worlds

** The install path may be different depending on where you installed Sims 3.

Delete the Game Cache Files.

-- This is best to do whenever you are installing new worlds to play.

From inside this folder \Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3, you can delete the game cache to help the game run smoother:

πŸ“ CasPartCache.package - CAS parts that appear in Create-A-Sim
πŸ“ compositorCache.package - New objects that would appear in Buy/Build mode
πŸ“ scriptCache.package - Mods or Hacks
πŸ“ simCompositorCache.package - New Sims, default skins
πŸ“ Sims3LauncherLogFile.log - Uploading/Downloading info in regards to the Exchange
πŸ“ Sims3Logs.xml - Log Files about your computer and errors that might occur.
πŸ“ socialCache.package - Simport-related and other social data, if you use the wall to integrate with your MyPage on site.

-- Performance Tips Articles
These tips should help with crashing and general game hiccups.

In-Game Performance Tips / Out-of-Game Performance Tips / Advanced Performance Tips

We hope this help players enjoy SV2020!! 😊

The "watch the show interaction" cancels itself out, due to it needing 3 or 4 audience markers (which weren't re-added during some lot changes/cleanup we did). This can be fixed by placing them via buydebug. You are looking for objects called Show Floor Benches or Tables. After it's fixed, save a copy of the lot to the library.

πŸŸͺ From Edit Town click on the lot - Build/Buy mode.

πŸŸͺ Press Shift-Ctrl-C all together, and type in Testingcheatsenabled on.

πŸŸͺ Press Shift-Ctrl-C again and type in buydebug on.

πŸŸͺ Buy mode ➺ Sort by Function ➺ Buydebug ➺ Misc Objects - Filter content by Showtime.

πŸŸͺ Look for objects Show Floor for Benches or Tables.

- Click on image to see larger view

⚜ Thank you to the member and player who brought this to our attention!! The fix will be implemented in the next minor release of the worlds.

Thank you to those who have posted or asked questions. We have added some new information to our FAQ page.

Hi Everyone,

We've added more of the community lot and house photos to the Official Gallery

We'd also like to say Thank you to all that have given positive feedback!! We really enjoy hearing how players are enjoying the game and about the things they add to the game to make it their own.

If you'd like to share photos, you can upload them to the site. (Here's how-to upload and share screenshots) They will show up on the Member Gallery page.

Fun Fact ~ When viewing the images on the Member Galleries page, mouse over some of the photos and the little "i" (for more information) to see a caption or description of the photos.

You can share thoughts and comments on SV2020 on our Member Activity page If you're a story writer feel free to share links to your stories. We'd love to read about your Sims adventures!!

If you'd like to share your stories on our site, see this article - How to Create a Blog on how to create a blog post.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. You can either post questions on the Member Activity page, or via the Contact Us page We'll try to help best we can.

We've added three new articles for helping people keep their game optimized and running smoothly.  They are located in the Helpful Topics section, under the Performance Tips category.

We're very happy after months of continued development to bring you a new and improved version of Sunset Valley 2020 - Version 2.0!

Welcome to's opening launch!  We have our crack team of hamsters working diligently at filling in more pages on the site, so please bear with them while they work their magic.

We hope you enjoy your stay - you are welcome to create a free account and start taking part in our community.



We've been extremely pleased with the community's feedback on SV 2020, which has been overwhelmingly positive. And knowing we had some things that we wanted to continue development on, we decided to keep going with it on a 2.0 version. We've added improvements to existing properties, all-new properties, new lot locations in the world, new sims, fixes to lots that were in the originals, and more.


Official news about what we are working on and updates to the worlds

Announcements and information about new world releases